Agenda for Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Microsoft, Unter den Linden 17, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

Agenda – David and Goliath

Welcome note by Microsoft and b-to-v
Key note by Volker Wiewer (Vice President, International, Marketing Applications)

From eCircle to Teradata – How a digital idea developed into global business

The future of retail

Investors discuss innovative retail concepts such as pop-up stores generating buzz, building brand awareness, and driving sales for big-name retailers and ambitious start-ups.

The future of financial technologies

Entrepreneurs with cutting-edge service/technology concepts for the financial industry discuss with representatives of the banking industry, and with investors

The future of energy

Representatives of large energy companies discuss with market observers, with entrepreneurs who re-invent the industry, and with investors

The future of my body

Leading pharma companies discuss with smaller start-ups and with investors

Coffee Break
The Future of Goliaths – How Goliaths approach Davids and why

Executive managers of major corporations, corporate venture capitalists, corporate development strategists, and investors discuss start-up investments

Wrap-up of the day and closing notes by Microsoft and b-to-v
Davids and Goliaths party together

Networking of conference speakers and guests accompanied by drinks and food